Monday, 22 April 2013

Homework T2W5 22/04/2013

Announcements / Reminders :

☞ Remember to file your English and Advisory Worksheets.
☞ Common tests in 7 days ( 1 week) and counting... 
   Remember to complete the ICT Survey (found on Students Blog) by TODAY

Things happening on Tuesday
Maths Trigonometry Revision
  Maths Practise Paper 
Chinese 议论文
  ICT Survey due

i) ERP (Click here to see instructions) in hard copy or email to Mr Lim
ii) Landlady Part 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and after reading worksheet iii) Editing Exercise 1-3

Math -
i) Trigonometry Revision
ii) E Math and A Math Practice Paper 

Chemistry -

i) Workbook 3,4,6
2 Revision worksheets
> Refer to the time list Mr Lim gave to us for the deadlines (including TYS)

Biology -
i) Enzyme Workbook 
ii) Nutrient Workbook 
iii) Nutrition in Humans Workbook 
iv) Past year CT paper(self practice)

Social Studies - 

Geography -
i) Finish up the disaster game worksheet (download from edmodo)
ii) - Collaborative work (PT Grouping): essay on the following question
• With the aid of examples, access the success of strategies used to reduce the effects of earthquakes. (8m) 
iii) Variable Weather and Changing Climate worksheet

History -
i) ?

Mother Tongue 
             i) HCL: - pbworks spreadsheet (Write questions)
                         - 议论文
                         - 练习题
                         - 看老师给的资料

Applied Subjects - 
i) Biotech: ? 
ii) FoE: Online Tutorial (Due 2 May), Quiz 1a and 1b (due TODAY) and Circuit Simulation 1a and 1b (due 2 May). Tutorial and Past Year Papers

iii) MS: ? 

iv) DS:?

i) Keep training on your own. NAPHA 2.4 on Thursday.

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