Thursday, 11 April 2013

Homework T2W3 11/04/2013

Announcements / Reminders :
☞ Remember to file your English Worksheets.
☞ Common tests in 18 days and counting...
Things happening tomorrow:
SS PT to be printed and handed up

Maths page 198 Practice 16-18 
SS research 
Maths page 207

i) ERP (Click here to see instructions) in hard copy or email to Mr Lim
ii) Editing Exercise (Do all the questions until Q70) By next TUESDAY
i) Quadratic Worksheets A01, A02, A03 (if you have not done so), A04, A05 (if you have not done so ) and Miscellaneous A05 (if you have not done so) 
ii) Maths page 198 Practice 16-18 by TOMORROW (MUST DO on graph paper)
iii) Maths page 207 by TOMORROW

Chemistry -
i) Performance Task and Reflections if you have not done so
i) Workbook - Chemical Bonding if you have not done so

i) Workbook 5 (if you have not done so)
ii) Workbook 3, 4 (not as important but do it in case)
iii) Worksheet (if you have not done so)

Biology - 
i) Enzyme Worksheet 3b and c
ii) Enzyme Workbook Pg 27- 40 
iii) Enzyme Workbook and Nutrient Workbook

Social Studies - 
i) Performance task due TOMORROW
ii) Lesson Package Research depending on whether you are A,B or C due TOMORROW

Geography -
i) Finish up the disaster game worksheet (download from edmodo)

History -
i) ?

Mother Tongue 
             i) HCL: -download and read  口试课题 1 and 2 that is found on pbworks
            - 练习口试
            - book your slot & prepare for 口试 练习 if you have not done so
            - Page 76-78 of textbook (MUST DO) by next Tuesday

Applied Subjects - 
i) Biotech: ? 
ii) FoE: Online Tutorial (Due 2 May), Quiz 1a and 1b (due TODAY) and Circuit Simulation 1a and 1b (due 2 May). Tutorial and Presentation. 
iii) MS: ? 
iv) DS:?

i) Keep training on your own.

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