Friday, 19 April 2013

Homework T2W4 19/04/2013

Announcements / Reminders :
☞ Remember to file your English and Advisory Worksheets.
☞ Common tests in 10 days (less than 2 weeks) and counting...
☞ Remember to complete the ICT Survey (found on Students Blog) by MONDAY

Things happening on Saturday
- English The Landlady

Things happening on Monday
- Maths Trigonometry Revision
- Maths Practise Paper
- Chinese 议论文
- ICT Survey due
English -
i) ERP (Click here to see instructions) in hard copy or email to Mr Lim
ii) Landlady Part 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
iii) Editing Exercise 1-3
Math -
i) Trigonometry Revision
ii) Practice Paper (By next Monday)
Chemistry -
i) Workbook 3,4,6
2 Revision worksheets
> Refer to the time list Mr Lim gave to us for the deadlines (including TYS)
Biology -
i) Enzyme Workbook
ii) Nutrient Workbook
iii) Nutrition in Humans Workbook
iv) Past year CT paper(self practice)
Social Studies -
i) Performance task due 19/04/2013 FRIDAY
Geography -
i) Finish up the disaster game worksheet (download from edmodo)
ii) - Collaborative work (PT Grouping): essay on the following question
• With the aid of examples, access the success of strategies used to reduce the effects of earthquakes. (8m)
History -
i) ?
Mother Tongue
i) HCL: - pbworks spreadsheet (Write questions)
- 议论文
- 练习题
- 看老师给的资料
Applied Subjects -
i) Biotech: ?
ii) FoE: Online Tutorial (Due 2 May), Quiz 1a and 1b (due TODAY) and Circuit Simulation 1a and 1b (due 2 May). Tutorial and Presentation by TOMORROW
iii) MS: ?
iv) DS:?

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