Friday, 4 January 2013


T1 W0 

☞ Timetables: HERE or HERE.
☞ Always check SST email for announcements (ie. BT, TDP, co-author invitations)

 Bring thermometer & be in school by 0835. Assembly in class.
 AUP due on Monday. Have it signed by both yourself and your parent.
 Report book, if you haven't.
 Project Sugary Hope discussion – confirmation of students in charge of different teams.
 Nominations for House Rep! We need 1 from each house.

 Complete any surveys you have for subj briefings (eg. HML, Physics) ASAP.
 There is an announcement on EL BLOG. Diagnostic Test on Tuesday.
 Read Math Newsletter @ SST email.
 Check your email again.

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