Tuesday, 22 January 2013



Announcements / Notes :
☞ Sorry, I don't like informal blog posts.
☞ Double-period math tomorrow. Be mentally prepared.

Things happening tomorrow:
 CHECK THE CLASS FB GROUP – issues pertaining to class deco.
 MT;– HML: Check blog.
 Wear S&W attire to school.
 EL: Man is to be blamed on climate change – pick a stand. Choose your point. Find supporting evidences, be ready to write 3 PEEL paras.
 BT: Complete your theory. Prepare for debate tomorrow.
 Math: Practice 02 & 03 of 1.7 (pg 73-74). Start on A01D & A01E.
 Please begin packing for OBS. It's next Monday – T1W4.

i) After the discussion on PEEL & various reasons to why Man Should/Should Not Be Blamed For Climate Change, pick a stand. Choose your points, and find supporting evidences. Be ready to write 3 PEEL paragraphs.
i) A01B for Iffah, hehehehehehehe ooopppps.
ii) A01D & A01E – due Friday.
iii) A01F due T1W5.

Chemistry -
i) Pg 9 - 16 of workbook.
ii) Refer to googlesites to download slides.
iii) Clarify your doubts ASAP. (eg. solute? solvent? any confusion between these terms?)

Physics -
i) Review your acceleration and concepts, etc.
ii) Buy the workbook & practical workbook, if you haven't. DIS IS 4 U, CAMERON.
iii) Filing lessons HAHAHA commencing on T1W5.

Biology -
i) ???

Social Studies -
i) Read up on the "textbook" (handout aka Sec 4 TB photocopy) – Fall of Venice.
ii) Check googlesites & download/read up on necessary materials.
iii) Complete the Lesson Package, pg 6.
iv) We will be learning how to weigh conclusions the next lesson, hopefully :)

Geography -
i) Prepare your drawing of the internal structure of the Earth. Ensure annotations & drawing to be in proportion.

History -
i) ???

Mother Tongue -
i) HML: Please refer to the blog (or this blog post).
ii) HTL: Composition? 1/wk?
iii) HCL: ??
iv) CL: ??

Applied Subjects -
i) Biotech: Complete The Cells tutorial worksheet. Prep for debate (Thursday).
ii) FoE: ???
iii) MS: ???
iv) DS: ???

i) WEAR ATTIRE TOMORROW. And so, the softball begins.

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