Tuesday, 15 January 2013


T1 W2 

Announcements / Notes :
☞ I'm in charge of posting homework according to Mr Seth Tan? He's not even our form teacher. o.o

Things happening tomorrow:
Wear S&W tommorow cos' there's NAPHA (or however you spell it)
Same thing as any other days? STUDY

i) File in the Resolutions Essay (BLUE RING FILE)
ii) Complete Page 3 of Exercise on Paragraph Writing
i) A01B Complete that page kay? And try Tier C. 

Physics -
i) Simulation on worksheet – Activity 2 (pg 11)
ii) Complete WB worksheet 1 (pg 5-10) DUE THURSDAY
iii) Bring practical workbook's experiments 1&2.

Biology -
i) GUYS. Remember to post the answers/slides for your question by 5pm alright?

History -
i) Again, I don't take History. .-.

Mother Tongue -
i) HCL: ???
ii) HML: Nothing that I know...  Just remember to have your A4 notebook tomorrow and remember to bring your textbook along with you for all future HML lessons. Remember your 2012 HML files too! (the purple one!) 

Applied Subjects -
i) Go get what needs to be done for your respective ASs.
ii) Biotech: We have a test, not sure when but I think it's tomorrow. JUST GO AND REVISE THE NOTES DR. NEW GAVE US.

i) NAPHA, either remaining 5 stations or 2.4 Run depending on the weather. (I have my fingers crossed that it rains tomorrow) 

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