Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Homework T2W9 21/05/13

Announcements / Reminders : 
☞ Remember to file your English and Advisory Worksheets. 
☞ Remember to file your Chemistry Practical Worksheets with the SPA Information Sheet at the top.

Things happening on Wednesday
Geography students: handing up of field trip form
i) ERP (Click here to see instructions) in hard copy or email to Mr Lim

Math -
i) Worksheet A01 Coordinate Geometry by MON

Chemistry -
i) -
i) -
Biology -
i) Performance Task - Planning to be handed up on the first Bio lesson of T3c
Social Studies - 
i) those who still owe homework, hand them up as soon as possible. (you know who you are)
ii) SBCS 3.2.3 by next tuesday

Geography -
i) Complete the form for the field trip and hand it up on WEDNESDAY.
History -
i) -

Mother Tongue 
             i) HCL:
                         - edit script
                         - improve on video
                         - prepare for oral presentation (next week)
                         - pay for your books

Applied Subjects - 
i) Biotech:
ii) FoE: 
iii) MS: 
iv) DS:

i) -

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