Monday, 13 May 2013

Homework T2W8 13/05/13

Announcements / Reminders :

☞ Remember to file your English and Advisory Worksheets.
☞ Remember to file your Chemistry Practical Worksheets with the SPA Information Sheet at the top.

Things happening on Wednesday
Maths E01 due

i) ERP (Click here to see instructions) in hard copy or email to Mr Lim

Math -
i) Worksheet E01 Coordinate Geometry by WED

Chemistry -
i) -

i) -

Biology -
i) -

Social Studies - 
i) those who still owe homework, hand them up as soon as possible. (you know who you are)

Geography -

History -

Mother Tongue 
             i) HCL: - edit script
                         - improve on video
                         - prepare for oral presentation

Applied Subjects - 
i) Biotech:
ii) FoE: 
iii) MS: 
iv) DS:

i) there is lesson before recess tomorrow.

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